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Weather readings from the top of the house (35° 08' 21.46" 106° 32' 25.35"W) near Spain and Moon.

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Thunder Albuquerque Sunport Weather Obs


Tiger TB Travel Bug Tracking

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We deployed and are tracking six travel bugs that we sent out for the nearby elementary school. We deployed two travel bugs per upper grade level (3rd, 4th, and 5th grades). Track them below:

Tiger Cub 3rd Grade
Tiger Cub 3rd Grade Long Distance
Tiger Cub 4th Grade
Tiger Cub 4th Grade Long Distance
Tiger Cub 5th Grade
Tiger Cub 5th Grade Long Distance

Juniper Albuquerque Pollen Counts

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Low 1-15
Moderate 16-90
High 91-1500
Very High >1500

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